YouTube Videos on Facebook Are Getting Rarer

YouTube is losing a key distribution platform as Facebook’s home-grown videos become more popular, according to a report from Socialbakers.













Facebook is now poised to overtake YouTube in video posts in the News Feed, according to the researcher. The analysis was based on 20,000 Facebook Pages from brands, media, celebrities and entertainment companies and 180,000 posts over the last 12 months on desktop and mobile.
While Facebook hasn’t yet eclipsed YouTube in overall video posts, its videos receive a larger share of engagement: 70%


Jan Rezab, CEO and cofounder of Socialbakers, says that spells trouble for YouTube. “This is a big deal for YouTube,” he said. “They could lose a big percent of their distribution.” For Facebook, however, it’s a major plus. “This means users will stay on Facebook instead of leaving,” he added.

Facebook announced in September that it was serving up 1 billion videos a day, two-thirds of which were on mobile. Growth from video views on Facebook jumped 50% from May through July, according to the company




















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