Website Design and Development

A website is an important tool used to reflect your brand image. Its aim is to attract new customers and create new business relationships. The website design and development must engage the visitors and encourage them with specific calls to action.

Xpert Solutions’ web design and development team will make sure that the website’s design is attractive, and its structure fits the web standards; the process starts by understanding your business goals with an online marketing strategy and creating an interactive user experience designed to help you reach those objectives.

Each website development project has the goal of converting visitors into customers; that starts by studying your goals during the online marketing strategy phase and applying the results in the website’s design and development to reach these objectives.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a system used in the web development process. It allows you to apply unlimited modifications to the website, mobile application, or mobile version.

The CMS provided by Xpert Solutions’ web applications development team has no restriction regarding adding or editing the website’s content. It also permits maintenance and provides techniques to track your company’s working cycle manually or automatically without necessarily seeking the help of a web solutions company.

Landing Page Development

A landing page is a web page to which a user is redirected when a display ad or search ad is clicked (Pay Per Click Marketing/ Search Engine Marketing) with the objective of turning visitors into sales leads.

With the support of Xpert Solutions’ digital marketing consultants, and in collaboration with the web design and Web development team, your landing page will feature the necessary detailed information regarding the clicked ad or search result. In general, some of the landing pages are redirected to from a social media network, an email marketing campaign, or a search engine marketing campaign. Our digital consultants will help you achieve your online business goals through a well-structured landing page.

Web Strategy and Architecture

Websites alone aren’t enough anymore; any online presence needs a full digital marketing strategy that will help companies attain their goals.

Before taking any step online, Xpert Solutions’ digital marketing consultants will work on studies and research in order to draw the path that you need to follow during your online marketing campaign. The market will be analyzed, and the competition will be considered in order to decide on the web strategy and architecture of the company’s website as well as its look and feel and content.

Xpert Solutions’ web consultants can help you setup your web strategy and website’s architecture and guide you towards having an optimized online presence leading to positive return on your online marketing investment.


Most of the companies have a set of goals to achieve online. In order to achieve its online goals, companies should monitor, track, and analyze the visitors trends and interests.

Analytics is a tool that tracks your visitors’ online, i.e. the pages that are visited, the time spent on each page, the actions taken, the place, the device used, etc…
Measurements, investigations and reports are taken into consideration during any website optimization process, which makes web analytics essential for any digital solutions company in market research, efficiency studies for existent websites, as well as traffic measurements.

In Xpert Solutions, the web analytics process is divided into: off-site and on-site web analytics.
Off-site web analytics is a study for a website’s potential audience, its visibility, its engagement and interactivity and its viral success.
On-site web analytics studies what the visitor does while surfing your website and focuses on the conversion rate.

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