Social Media Experiences

As we all know, nowadays, social media presence is becoming a must . Thus, XPERT will launch any company’s presence starting from point zero. XPERT’s way of dealing with the social network presence doesn’t consist only of creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Boosting that presence to the extreme is XPERT’s goal.

We start with the exclusivity of that presence, up to integrating these networks with your business. This will be accomplished through online applications and many other methods that engage any business with its audience.

Social media campaign

No other online marketing tool is growing in use like the rate of social networking. It is the latest long term trend, and it’s all about interactivity. That’s why getting you closer to your audience is our aim. Various tools can help us in this mission, starting with creation of Facebook pages and developing Facebook applications, and continuing it with regular status updates, blogs, polls, discussions, Q&A, articles, competitions, videos, tweets, impressions, banners…
Creating a buzz on social media networks and turning viral is THE advertising strategy; we guide you through it, planning for you every step ahead.

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