Pay Per Click Search Marketing / PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising (also known as PPC or CPC) is a marketing tool that allows immediate search results through digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns are established by allocating a specific marketing budget for your online ads that will be displayed in search engines, search directories, local and international portals, and social media networks.

Before any pay per click marketing campaign, extensive research is done by Xpert Solutions’ digital consultants to acquire full knowledge of your business, your industry, and your competition. That’s how the digital marketing campaigns become targeted and optimized, when they are constantly monitored and analyzed.

Specific metrics are studied and managed to succeed in the optimization process. The study includes keyword and negative keyword analysis, CTR Optimization (Click-through rate) and Ad Filtering to improve Quality Score.

Reporting for PPC campaigns will involve snapshots and in-depth reports that detail key metrics. The goal of these reports is to show continuing performance, growth, ROI and highlights.

Display Advertising / Banner Advertising

Display advertising/Banner Advertising is an online marketing technique where companies promote their products and services visually, i.e. photos, videos, animation, etc… Banner advertising can be implemented through Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns using search engine, or directly through private portals.

Xpert Solutions works on your company’s Display advertising to help generate awareness by getting your ads in front of consumers, in order to spread awareness while they research about a related subject. The more people research in the same business category, the more important it is for your products or services to be visible.

Display advertising in online marketing campaigns has the ability to target your customers demographically and according to their behavior and can track the performance of the campaign daily to measure impressions, clicks and conversions and ultimately calculate your ROI.

Online Media Planning

To reach your audience within an acceptable budget and track the success of your marketing investment, you should consider a digital marketing campaign. In this digital marketing campaign, online media planning plays an enormous part; here comes the role of Xpert Solutions’ online marketing department who will help you find the best method to create fruitful relationships with your customers.

The online media planning process will take into consideration targeted online advertising with measurable efficiency and accuracy.

Online advertising during the online media planning process makes it easy for your potential customers to know about you and get in touch with you by being just one click away. That is why online media plans should study the business objectives and the behavior of the target audience, aiming to initiate contact between the company and its clients in the best professional means.

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