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Xpert Solutions has a dedicated team of mobile application development experts.

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Mobile Website / Mobile Version

A Mobile Website (also known as Mobile Version) is a website that is adapted for mobile phones; it is designed and developed by Xpert Solutions’ web design and development team to have the best performance when accessed from mobiles or tablets. The mobile website’s main goal is to prevent the annoying zooming in and out and scrolling up and down while checking a website on your mobile phone.

The big size of the regular web page would also make the site loading very slow in mobile browsers, which makes a mobile website necessary in most cases.

Some of the material available on the mobile website must often be eliminated to suit the small screens. This will ultimately lead to a better user experience, especially when the color scheme of mobile websites is adapted to provide the best possible contrast for easier readability while moving from one place to another.

Therefore, our team of digital marketing experts recommends a mobile website creation for each developed website.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising cannot be disregarded; its aim is to reach internet surfers on their mobile phones, now that mobile users search, browse the web and use mobile apps at the same time.

Xpert Solutions’ digital marketing team will provide you with an accurate mobile marketing campaign that will allow you to expose your company, not only on laptops and PCs, but on mobiles and tablets as well.

Our digital marketing specialists with the help of our online copywriters will come up with a call-to-action that will catch your audience’s attention, with relevant keywords for the search network, and attractive images for the display network.

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