How A Loyalty Space Program Works?

Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space allows you to run a customer loyalty program. Though there are lots of options, the ‘typical’ style of loyalty program we would support is where:

  • You register customers on your program and give them a numbered plastic card, which represents their membership of the program.
  • You record details of each transaction the customer then makes with you, allowing the customer to accrue points or ‘cash back’ based on how much they spend with you.
  • You allow the customer to ‘redeem’ or ‘spend’ their accrued rewards in your store later.
What Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space Includes?

  • The only component of Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space is a web-based software application that is used for managing your loyalty card program.
  • The software is managed and hosted by us, so you don’t have to install any software, but you will need an Internet connected PC to access the system. You will access the system directly to enter and manage your own customer and sales data.
  • No hardware is required and no complex EPOS integration is involved. It is also a flexible system that allows you to put into a place a process that suits the way you work.
Entering Data into Loyalty Space

You can enter data into Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space in one of the two ways:

  • Via an internet connected PC at your point of sale, You may already have this in place, or you may wish to purchase a small low-powered PC with internet access to further access Loyalty Space.
  • Manually / Offline / Batch, e.g. key transactions at the end of the days or weeks trading. This could be viable depending on the volumes of transactions your loyalty program is generating. You would decide on the process for managing this based on how your business works locally.

Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space supports a barcode reader. If you are entering transaction details at the point of sale, you can optionally use the reader to speed up transaction entry.


  • Run A Customer Loyalty Program.
  • Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space will allow you to run a customer loyalty program – rewarding your customers with points, discounts, cashback, or special offers in order to encourage their loyalty. It’s a very open and flexible system which will allow you to build a loyalty program that fits the way you want to work.
SMS and Mobile Marketing

Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space allows you to contact your program members using SMS text messages. This is a really cost effective way to market and increase engagement with your loyalty program.

  • Easy To Use
    Designed with ease of use in mind, the system can be operated by people who are mostly comfortable using a PC.
  • Tailored Marketing
    Use the data that you have collected from your loyalty card, which is programmed to make better marketing decisions. You’ll be able to look at your customers transaction history, and send them offers and rewards that really appeal to them – getting a better ROI for your marketing spend and increased footfall and offer take-up.
  • Email Marketing
    Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space allows you to send email messages directly to your customer base. Personalized E-Mails are a great way to keep your business in front of your customers minds in an ever expanding online world.
  • No Software To Install
    Xpert Solutions Loyalty Space is completely an online solution; meaning, no software installation and no server or management is necessary.
  • Fast Setup
    Gain access to the software in 5 minutes and deploy your full loyalty program within days. Be up and running and increasing sales quickly and without fuss!

  • Connect With Customers
    Keep in touch with your customers by building a simple database of their contact details and preferences.
  • More Effective Advertising
    Get a better response and a better return on investment for your advertising and marketing spend.
  • Product Insight
    Identify products that often sell together. Use this information to increase sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Prevent Customer Attrition
    Identify when a customer is likely to leave you, and send a special offer to sustain customer relationship.
  • Create Tailored Offers
    Increase sales by directing the right offers, to the right customers, at the right time.
  • Customer Data Analysis
    Identify and retain your best customers, and step in when it looks like a customer might stop shopping with you.
  • Track Offer Take-up
    Gain an insight into how your offers have performed, allowing you to continually improve their performance.
  • Improve Customer Loyalty
    Create more loyalty customers who keep coming back and recommend your services to their friends!
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