Schools enhance the knowledge of advanced technology and embark us onto the ship innovation and inventiveness. New methods must be implemented in schools in order to pursue the speed trend going around us and achieving high efficiency levels at the same time. Introducing (Xpert Solutions Digital Signage) allows schools to instantly update classrooms, lounges, and at different campuses with multimedia content efficiently and rapidly via-internet. It sets an internal information channel efficient to deliver various types of information to teachers, students, and visitors instantly.

Around Campus

  • Registration fees
  • Administrative announcement
  • School rules and regulations
  • Scholastic calendar / timetable
  • Seminars and activities
  • Guest greetings

Provide Interactive Materials

  • Campus map
  • Department details
  • Facility details
  • Orientations
  • Conference timetables
  • Various requirements

Broadcast Live Video

  • Seminars
  • Sports games on or off campus
  • Student’s activities

Points of Sale should be fully equipped to give the merchandise its right using the appropriate advertising strategies. Xpert Solutions’ digital signage fulfills these needs by providing suitable advertisements and updated information. This technology can be controlled easily through one portal such as the headquarter controlling all the portals or POS stations.

Display Retailers’ Existing Info

  • Price Updates
  • Product Description
  • Inventory Updates

Advertising DS in malls & chain stores

  • Display News
  • Promotions
  • Announcements
  • Opening hours
  • Special Offers

Interactive Digital Signage

  • Interactive mall maps
  • E-catalogs

The entertainment industry is growing daily, facing a wider more demanding audience. Digital signage helps capturing the audience’s attention and fascinating them with new technologies paving way, to a wider communication platform. It creates excitement that helps delivering information and commercials easily to people under various titles such as sports, food, beauty etc…

DS in Sports Arenas

  • Broadcast live games
  • Present game details
  • Dynamic Sponsor Promotions

Movie Theaters

  • Present & upcoming movies
  • Display Promotions
  • Showing simple price lists

Digital signage is playing a significant role in the transportation industry, such as airports, train stations, bus stops, ferries, etc…  Compared to traditional advertisement/ information providing techniques, digital signage is more efficient in grabbing traveler’s attention and delivering the needed information at the same time, not to forget the possibility of displaying commercials on them to entertain the passengers.

Broadcasting various information about safety, timetables, and updates using minimum human capital, is a huge advantage for such portals, like financial benefits.


  • Show updated flight information
  • Announcements
  • Boarding messages
  • Product promotions at the boarding gates


  • Advertising in screens installed in cabs
  • News Tickers
  • Tourist Information
  • Weather Info


  • Screens proving news
  • Announcements
  • Promotions

Train and Subway

  • Broadcast train timetables
  • Direction Guides
  • Dynamic advertisements in subways

Xpert Solutions digital signage is practical in commercial or touristic businesses such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants. It breaks the barrier between venue owners and customers by building an easy communication channel. With such networks, clients will have easy access to all types of information and programs provided at the facility.

Digital Signage technology facilitates interaction between customers and businesses, bringing benefits to both sides. Customers will have easier access to all information needed, leaving them more satisfied, and businesses will be able to post information more frequently.

Could be used at:

Front desks/Receptions:

  • Corporate logos
  • Display miscellaneous tariffs
  • Weather changes
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Promotions
  • Latest news


  • Floor map/directions
  • Special events
  • Room service timetable
  • Interactive information (touch screens)
  • Daily meetings
  • Banquet

Outside Conference Rooms:

  • Conference information (title, time, subject…)
  • Conferences timetables
  • Daily occupancies

At Bars:

  • Sports games
  • TV programs
  • Advertisements
  • Special offers

At Entrances or Inside Elevators:

  • Floor map
  • Hotel guide
  • Events
  • Restaurants
  • Spas
  • General information
  • Market data
  • Local information

This technology can be used in various places in hospitals such as lobbies and waiting rooms. It could be used to entertain visitors and patients, and at the same time to display valuable information such as attending doctors, disease information, floor maps…etc.


  • Provide TV programs
  • Entertain patients

Information Delivery

  • Show hospital’s announcements
  • Doctors’ Schedules
  • Surgery info in waiting rooms

Education Platform

  • Introduce new treatments
  • Inform about new surgery types
  • Show visitors preventive care processes

Way finding Info

  • Show the whole site map
  • List of patient rooms

Digital signage is a great mean of communication between corporate and employees especially when conveying updated information about the company and its departments. It could be placed at portals such as entrances, lobbies, cafeterias…etc, where employees can frequently see it and get updated about any information or announcement the company needs to make.

Improve Training and Education

  • Improve employees’ information.
  • Promote for training session/ seminars.
  • Update any useful piece of information.

Stimulate Motivation

  • Display top employees
  • Display games that motivate employees to work more
  • Recognize employees with best attitude, sales…etc

Reinforce Corporate Culture

  • Broadcast information from higher corporate levels.
  • Update information about general corporate status

Update Information

  • Update policy change
  • Currency exchange rate
  • Stock fluctuations
  • Corporate calendar

Show Meeting Room Status

  • Show meeting agendas
  •  Meeting room schedules
  • People attending the meeting
  • General information about held meetings

Different public sector sections such as local/federal government, army, police, congress, council, etc, can use digital signage to give information to the employees and public leading to communication enhancement.

Enhance Communication with Employees

  • Update employees
  • Work calendar
  • Keep employees informed about decision changes

Broadcast Messages to Public

  • Safety measures
  • Alert messages
  • Weather forecasts
  • “Wanted” messages
  • Employment Messages
  • Policy Changes

Links to Foreign Countries

  • Display disasters of other countries
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Political agreements with foreign countries

Digital signage cuts down the printing costs by giving the ability of displaying updated information and schedules about shows, exhibitions, screen plays…etc

Change Meeting Information Frequently

  • Update meeting schedules
  • Display meeting’s agenda

Provide Timesaving Directions

  • Display directions
  • Floor maps
  • Locations of various exhibition sections

Promote Events

  • Advertising events
  • Display Promotions
  • Give price lists
  • Month’s calendar
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