How A Digital Business Card Works?

The Smart Digital Business Card. Inspire your clients, Digitally.

Create and customize stylish digital business cards and share them with anyone, near or far. Smart, elegant & affordable

Digital business cards are the modern way to share contact information. Also known as virtual and electronic business cards, digital business cards are more interactive, cost-effective, and sustainable than their physical counterparts. One significant benefit of digital business cards is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

What Xpert Solutions Digital Business Card Includes?

  • Unlimited vCards
    Create unlimited vCard for your all business.
  • Multiple Themes
    Four inbuilt templates for your vCard.
  • Photo & Video Gallery
    Image, YouTube, and Vimeo Gallery.
  • Product and Service Listing
    List unlimited products and services on your vCard.
  • Portfolio Listing
    Show your work experience by your portfolio.
  • Testimonials
    Add your happy client’s testimonials.
  • Custom Fields
    Add unlimited social media and other platforms links.
  • Fully Responsive
    Clean UI and Compatible with all devices.
  • Inquiry Form
    Inbuilt inquiry form on your vCard.
  • Save & Share vCard
    Easy save and share your vCard options.
  • Unique Link
    Get your personal Unique Link for all your vCard.
  • QR Code
    Get your unique personal QR code for all your vCard.
Digital cards for the whole team

Digital business card subscription plans for teams and companies of all sizes. We will help your company simplify brand management, automate processes, and promote sustainability initiatives, all while providing professional and delightful digital business cards to your team.

For Whom Digital Business Card is Beneficial

  • Business Owners
    Business owners who call and/or meet prospects personally to get business.
  • SalesPreneurs
    Independent Sales Professionals, Field Staff and Sales Executives.
  • Software & IT
    Web Designers, Digital and Social Media Marketers who call / meet business people.
  • Marketing Agencies
    Advertising, Branding, News Paper, Printing and Media Planning Houses.
  • Consultants
    Architect, Interior Designers, CA, Finance and other Consultants.
  • Events and Travels
    Professionals from Event Management, Tours and Travel Companies.
  • Finance & Realtors
    People from Real Estate Brokers and Insurance Advisors.
  • Education & Training
    Corporate Trainers, Educational Workshops, HR Consultants and Teachers.
  • Health and Beauty
    Gym, Beautician, Salon, Dietician, Image Consultants Yoga & Dance Professionals.
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