Shabab Lad3m is a youth platform for citizens, residents and visitors to the State of Qatar, this platform allows young people easy access to all events, centers and initiatives that serve their interests and hobbies where the application provides the following services:

1. Identification and registration of events held in the State of Qatar.

2. Access to and registration of youth, cultural and sports centers.

3. Participation and access to the initiatives listed.

4- Registration service in courses.

5- Registration in the General Assembly of the Youth Advisory Committee (if applicable)

6- Propose and record initiatives through implementation.

7- See the latest youth news and accompanying events.

Young people can evaluate events and courses after their attendance and can highlight suggestions to the organizer through the application.

The application provides an opportunity for young people wishing to volunteer in the event to apply and be contacted by the organizer of the event.

Xpert Solutions Showcase - Shabab Lad3m
Xpert Solutions Showcase - Shabab Lad3m